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Artist Residency

Burren College of Art

Ballyvaughan, Ireland


Before arriving in The Burren, Ballyvaughan, Ireland from the high desert of New Mexico, I was curious to see how the lush green landscape would inform my work. Walking amidst these craggy rugged sacred mountains, I noticed stones incorporated into the structural surroundings along the roads. Crisscrossing the land are stone walls that mark property and corral farm animals. There are stone houses, old ruins, ancient stone circles, dolmens, and castles. Worn and weathered by time, the natural rocky formations that make up these mountains and countryside extend in all directions like a network of interconnected life. Beneath the surface of the land these networks of rocks reach deep into crevasses that form caves and hold underground quiet spaces. The contrasting elements are continuously interacting and forever transforming into something new.


Title: Interconnected

Acrylic and mixed media

59" x 59"

Slide show of The Burren

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