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Gallery Representation         


Atelier Natalia Gromicho-(ANG) Lisbon Portugal 2023-2024      

Magpie Gallery-Taos, New Mexico 2020-2024


Solo Exhibitions

2022           New Work                               Stables Art Gallery, Taos, NM 2022    

2021          “Quarantine Reflections”  Unobvious Lab- Lisbon, Portugal

2018          "Emerge"                                  Superfine-Brooklyn, New York

2015          "Esoteric Octopus"               Superfine- Brooklyn, New York

2015          "Pow Wow Rave"                  Terra Organica- Bellingham, WA

2012          "Pow Wow Rave"                  Valeries Gallery- Bellingham, WA

2009          "Pow Wow Rave"                  Superfine- Brooklyn, New York

2008          "Underwater Series"           The Pet Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


Group Exhibitions

2024           Group Exhibition                     Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Lisbon Portugal

2024           Group Exhibition                     PADA Gallery-Lisbon, Portugal

2023          All female Exhibition              Ghostwolf Gallery -Albuquerque NM

2010          "Imaginary Landscapes"     Blue Horse Gallery- Bellingham, WA

2006          “Creatures”                               The Armazon-Lagos, Portugal

2002           "Queen of Hearts"                 The Expo- Brooklyn, New York

2002          "Santa's Helper's"                  Thai Cafe- Long Island City, New York

2001          "500 Woman Artist"               Sideshow Gallery- Brooklyn, New York 



2024           PADA Artist Residency       Lisbon, Portugal

2024           Lakkos Artist Residency     Crete, Greece

2021           Burren College of Art           Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare Ireland


2024          Best in Show Abstracts with Red

2024          Taos Spring Banner Art 

2024          AI-Tibia9 Interview-

2024          9th Colorful Abstractions Fusion Art

2023          Goddess Arts Magazine Issue 9 April/March 2023

2022          11th All Women Art Exhibition, Special Merit -Light Space&Time Online

2021          12th Annual Abstract Exhibition, Special Merit-LST Online

2021           50 Shades of Red, Artist lounge Publication International

2022          Taos Spring Banner Art

2021           Taos Spring Banner Art

2020          Taos Tempo Arts and Entertainment, Taos News New Mexico

2020          10th Annual Cityscapes Special Recognition-LST online


Grants-Franklin Furnace Award 1989 for the performance art of The Scumwrenches.

1989-2000 Performer, creative writer; The Scumwrenches, a political Satire duo performed in New York City.

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