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Studio at Unobvious Lab-Lisbon, Portugal

Noelle Kalom grew up in the dynamic high desert of Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by a community of artists. Some of the ideas that inform her paintings come from early experiences at Taos Pueblo where she witnessed and began a lifelong appreciation for the power of fire, mystery, ritual, and ceremony. Her abstract paintings embody the intensity and topography of the American Southwestern landscape. Bold, vibrant, contrasting colors are brushed onto a heavily textures canvas, creating works that express energy and motion.

Noelle has lived, worked, and exhibited her work in New York City, the Pacific Northwest, and Portugal. She is currently represented by Magpie Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

Studio at Unobvious Lab in Lisbon, Portugal. Noelle working on a show for

December 2021

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